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AT&T Phone Card Is a Standard

Everything is known through comparison. When estimating one calling card or another, we often compare it with AT&T phone card. Why?

Let's view what is the matter by considering one after another.

AT&T has rounding (billing increment) of 1 minute. This value is so natural for our feeling. So we usually say: "The rate is 5 cents per minute", but we never say: "The rate is 5 cents per half minute" or "per 3 minutes".

Well, rounding 3 minutes, which is applied to many calling cards, is also available, but worse than 1.

But rounding 6 minutes, which is applied too, is too worst. Imagine your phone talk was 12 minutes and 5 seconds in length. Then 18 minutes will be deducted from your card balance. So you will lose the cost of near 6 minutes. As you see, this is another kind of extra fees.

On the other hand, cards with 1-second or 6-second billing increments are almost never cost effective because of the higher per minute rates you get charged.

Thus, one-minute rounding is the most organic and available for calling cards consumers. It is a standard.

AT&T Phone Card Is Full of Standards

AT&T phone card has no connection/maintenance fees. It's a standard when so, isn't it?

With AT&T calling card, you can call from more than 100 foreign countries, i.e. from almost anywhere! Isn't it a standard situation?

This calling card has no expiration, which is great as well. And this is a standard too.

It goes without saying, AT&T is out and away the best calling card in connection quality.

I'm afraid it is possible to find more standards in AT&T phone card if to dig well. But we have had enough of these.

So we have just discovered the wonderful fact - the entire AT&T phone card consists of standard things completely! We can believe it not at once. But this is truly so!

That's why AT&T calling card is always considered to be a standard. We compare each calling card with AT&T one way or another. Sometimes I use these comparisons for spotlighting some merits of other cards in my reviews. This is not the understatement of AT&T. This is the overstatement of the card reviewed.

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