International Phone Card Review

        His story plunged the audience into gloom

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Calling Cards Don't Make It

You can get information on phone cards benefits on any relevant web site. You can get huge information on that theme on the Internet. But what about their ability limits? What can't you do when using a calling card? What cannot cards make?

Users' questions on that theme are in the second place in frequency after those about the best service. Because that negative information is contained in the net less than a positive one is. As if they're hiding something from us.

Here are the most typical users' questions:
  • Is any sort of records leaved on my phone that I'm calling from when I use a phone card?
  • Will my home phone bill be charged when I use a prepaid calling card?
  • May my phone number or the number I call from be tracked or shown on their screen when I use a phone card?
  • Are the prepaid calling cards shown up on phone bills one way or another?
  • If my friend calls my cell from a calling card do I get charged money? Do I get charged for a private call that coming from a phone card out of the country?
  • Do phone cards forward caller ID?
  • If I use a calling card will the phone number I call show up on the phone bill?
  • How can you discover where a long distance call was initiated if the caller used a prepaid phone card?
The same answer should be given to all of these questions - NO. Nothing of all the pointed things occurs through phone cards. Nothing shows up anywhere because of calling cards. They don't make it. That telecom service has simply no appropriate functions or options.

Instead, calling cards have the main function - to provide cheap and high-quality phone calls. So take it easy, don't take redundant things in your mind, and finally start to enjoy your card.

However, I feel there is a little something wanting.

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