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AT&T Phone Card Review

Old AT&T Phone Card Still Is Popular

The old AT&T calling card still is very popular. On the contrary, a lot of remarkable calling cards were put on the market the last years. But nothing provides the higher quality of connection than AT&T does. As you know a level of voice distortion is the important characteristic of connection quality. So AT&T provider is always keeping that level as required.

Maybe that's news for you,... unpleasant news. Sometimes calling cards' consumers complain to that they get phone talk minutes less than promised. These facts occur because of hidden fees and long rounding periods.

Let's review this closely.

A rounding period is a basic unit for measuring the duration of a phone call. For example, your call time is 10 minutes and 15 seconds;
if rounding is 1 min, your call time will be rounded up to 11 minutes;
if rounding is 3 min, your call time will be rounded up to 12.
An actual loss of call time will be 6.8% and 14.6% respectively.
So the longer this period is, the more minutes you lose.

Now let's take in view a long rounding period, let it be 3 minutes. You'll lose one-half of this value, i.e. 1.5 minutes on each phone call on the average. If the average duration of your phone call is 5 or 10 minutes, then a loss of call time will be 30% or 15% respectively.
So the shorter phone talks are, the more minutes you lose.
A general conclusion is you can lose many minutes and much money because of rounding.

AT&T Phone Card Benefits

With AT&T calling cards, customer's complaints about lost minutes are impossible for some good reasons:

  1. The calling cards have no hidden fees.
  2. They have no connection/maintenance fees.
  3. They have a pretty short rounding period - 1 minute.

Not to mention that consumers communicate with their lovers, family, and friends through a telephone for a considerable time, enjoining the highest voice quality. As a result, their losses through rounding are inconsiderable.

Some additional benefits of AT&T calling cards are as follows. You can call from more than 100 foreign countries! i.e. from almost anywhere! This feature is great for travelers, students and military personnel. These calling cards have no expiration, which is great as well. Toll-free access numbers are available and added permanently.

Certainly, AT&T is a queen of calling cards. It has only one demerit, which is queenly. This is a high cost. What to do? Diamonds can't be cheap.

But let's look at this from another point. With another card, cheaper card, you may get minutes less than promised. In the total, you'll win nothing and frustration... as a bonus. Certainly, an economy is needed and natural. However, remember also the truth is an avaricious man pays twice.

When choosing AT&T calling card, you'll win assurance of high-quality service and the service itself... as a bonus. Agree these things cost something.

As for me, I crow seeing this excellent card.

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