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Evocallysemantic Review

I know this company for some years. And I'm quiet because there was not a single case of disappointment. Yes indeed, their main merit is reliability. is owned and operated by Universal Calling Inc. They are working in the telecom business over 10 years, since the birth of a prepaid calling card in the USA. The domain name says that the company was the first in this niche of business.

For these years, they have sold over 15 million cards and earned a good reputation. Although some complaints still take place, like with any calling card company. What to do? No service is perfect.

Every time when visiting, I'm pleasantly amazed at their softly outlining service. I feel this fits me. As if I had a fitting the comfortable clothes. But this is deeply personal.

How to view a calling card at Enter your country and the country you're calling to into 'Call From - Call To' form. Next, click 'Go'. You'll see a table of cards. This rates page is that you need. Use it to find the best calling card for you.

You can sort the table according to rates, minutes, or maintenance fees. Each card displays a amount of minutes, rechargeable, and more. This information allows you to compare the cards and find the best one that fits your needs.

Worry about your money? Keep in mind the amount of minutes available is overrated, as it's usual for any calling card company. This is a dept of tradition. Learn why.

Want to know the real amount of minutes? Calculate it with the special tool from Evocallus. You can find all necessary data in the card details window at What else? They honestly show all the fees deducted from a phone card balance. So the calculated minutes are always close to the real ones.

And with Reverse Phone Lookup Detective, you can trace any phone number.

Or better not to keep it in mind at all ?!...

However, you might want to save money. Then one of calling cards with maintenance fee will be rather available for you because these cards have lower rates. Or if you're having trouble with maintenance fee or intend to make phone calls just once in a while, you can find many cards without the fee.

Consumers love's cards. According to affiliates' reports, the repeat sales are up to 75% of the total sales of their cards.
The Centsible phone card is the most popular card now.

See how the compete with other phone cards companies and how often they win to the following destinations:

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