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Centsible Phone Card Review

Users paid attention to the Centsible calling card growingly because it gave a good account of itself. It is one of the cheapest cards.

It has low rates and high fees. There is a rule: the higher fees, the lower call-per-minute rates. Centsible phone card has a maintenance fee 99 ¢ weekly and no connection fee.

Such calling cards allow you to save money. Just finish off this cheap card as quickly as possible to avoid too much amount of a maintenance fee deducted.

So buy the card of minimal denomination $10 to finish it faster.

Many people buy such sort of calling cards a few times a month and consume each card for a few days. So they avoid too much maintenance fee and take advantage of low rates.

Centsible card has a long rounding period - 3 minutes. This is another fee.

Whether you spoke over the telephone for 9.01 minutes or 11.99 minutes, all the same your call time will be rounded up to 12 minutes that will be taken from your balance.

In the first case, you lose about 3 minutes. A cost of these minutes will be deducted. This is another fee. Avoid these cases.

In the second case, you lose nothing. Keep it in mind as a model. Keep the duration of your phone calls as multiple 3, i.e. about 3, 6, 9, etc minutes to save money.

Both these methods are to save money additionally. But even without these things, buying the cheapest Centsible phone card, you receive a good ratio of the low price to the high voice quality.

That's why the Centsible calling cards are bestsellers in separate months, according to affiliates' reports.

See how the Centsible competes with other cheap phone cards -
Cheap Calling Cards to the UK.

I repeat this card is good just for a quick use. But if you do not want to hurry completely and make phone calls just once in a while, use the cards with no maintenance fee. These cards usually have higher rates, but you don't have to worry about your phone card balance going down if you do not call. The choice is large. View Clear Choice card for instance.

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