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Pick Cheap Calling Card
to the UK from the USA

Want to buy the cheapest product? Then you have to visit a few shops for choosing the very thing, right? The same thing must be with choosing a cheap calling card to the United Kingdom. What to do? We must often make some efforts for saving money in our not easy life.

There is not the cheapest phone card in general. That calling card may be cheap for long calls but not cheap for short ones. Also, that card can be cheap to India but not cheap to the UK. That's why we have to make some tests in each case.

You can find cheap calling cards to the UK with the following simple procedure.

Visit three websites. We can go to more places but then a job will be more too. Enter the names of the USA and the United Kingdom into "Call From - Call To" form and click "Go" on each website, for instance, here:

cheap phone card

A table of cards sorted according to per-minute rates will be shown. Choose the two cheapest phone cards. We can take more cards but then a job will be more too.

The result of our visits is shown below.

CompanyCalling cardAdvertised rate, ¢/min
Comfi.comLucky Minutes0.6
Penny Boss0.7
Global Connect1.1 Pingo* 1.5

* Pingo company sell the phone card of the only one name

Then we need some details of each card - maintenance fee, connection fee, service fee and others. Take them at a detail page on the same website.

The next step - load all these figures into the Phone Call Minutes Calculator - for each chosen card separately. It's important that our individual manner of calling is taken into account here. Let's say we're going to consume our card for $20 not longer than one week. The average length of a phone call will be 10 minutes.

Then the tool will return us the values of effective per-minute rates to the United Kingdom from the USA:

Penny Boss - cheap calling card to UK

  • Penny Boss - 1.05¢
  • Centsible - 1.37¢
  • Global Connect - 1.5¢
  • Pingo - 1.66¢
  • Lucky Minutes - 2.78¢
Remember, the values of effective per-minute rates partly depend on our individual manner of calling

Look at the Lucky Minutes phone card again and compare the advertised rate of 0.6 ¢/min with the effective rate of 2.78 ¢/min. Do you see the difference? That's just the point. That's why I don't recommend you to base your decisions on the advertised figures.

As we can see the Penny Boss is the cheapest calling card to the United Kingdom from the USA out of the tested five cards.

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