International Phone Card Review

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Phone Card Classification

I hope this simplest classification will help you to break a trial through the woods. A multitude of calling cards can be divided into groups on several bases. Here are some of them:
  • Classes defined by kinds of connection:
    • Connection via phone, including cellular, home, office, dorm, and payphone.
      Ex. Pingo card.
    • Connection via computer (PC to Phone).
      Ex. Continental card.

  • Classes defined by a nomber of extra fees:
    • Much fees (connection, maintenance, and other) are charged. These are so-named fee-rich cards.
      Ex. Centsible card.
    • Almost without fees. These are so-named fee-poor cards.
      Ex. Clear Choice card.

  • Classes differed in the presence and kind of PIN-codes:

Choose the calling card of any class
and learn its rates:

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