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Evocallphabetical Review

I want to say at once, plainly that ComFi is a reliable company. I know them for some years. It was nothing that might change my opinion.

They sell many different calling cards. You can see some of them in the Phone Card List here.

Once one user was buying and recharging the ComFi cards 18 times for a month! He spent $350 on them at the time! But this was an exclusive event.
More often the users buy or recharge the ComFi cards from 4 to 8 times a month.
50% to 90% of users buy only one ComFi card a month. But they do it again and again every month. This group of customers seldom talks by phone.
Continental, Bizon, Solaris, and Jupiter are their most popular calling cards.
On the average, a user spends $25 per month on ComFi's phone cards.
On the average, the repeated sales are 57% of the total sales of the ComFi cards prepaid online.
View ComFi's phone cards statistics here in details.

ComFi always shows all fees and surcharges fairly. Even only that one inspires confidence. We see they have nothing to hide. They sure the truth doesn't prevent from selling their calling cards now and in the future as well as earlier.

Review by alexsandergreen: "I'm no fan of VoIP. I'm no fan of landline Verizon. But I do believe that to save money on long distance calls is pretty good. When I purchased a call card to call Canada at Comfi (I do not call too much, but still) it worked just ok. No idea about the support, because I had not ever got a problem to report it."

They always show all fees and surcharges fairly. So you can control your phone calls. You can, for example, calculate actual calling card minutes with the special tool from Evocallus.

Review by raspberry: "I started to use ComFi when I moved to Moscow, away from my Mom. Long-distance calls in Russia are very expensive from both land line and cell phones (especially MTS); the quality is not brilliant either. After the first attempt to use calling cards when I had to enter PIN I understood I need a more convenient way to contact my Mom and friends. I have found a solution called Web Call. It has several advantages, the rate being the best part 4 times cheaper than long-distance calls by the cell phone."

Like any other calling card company, ComFi has complaints too.

Review by FredDaddy: " calling cards look like they offer great rates, so I was definitely going to try them. They advertise their low rate to call Sweden at just under one penny. This card looks good on the surface but it has more fees than a Hospital".

It's all right. It's normal. Because the lower per-minute rates, the higher fees.

ComFi phone cards

ComFi always shows all fees and surcharges fairly. It didn't hide its fees from FredDaddy. He could calmly evaluate all features before buying a calling card. He could do it with a tool like mentioned above.

You must understand that one portion of imposed fees or another is unavoidable evil, which is native to every calling card. It must not be a subject for complaints.

I don't recommend you to look at fees when choosing a phone card prepaid online. Look better at call quality and call minutes.

Calculations show as follows. Calling cards with low rates and high fees provide usually more phone call minutes than ones with high rates and low fees. Instead, the latter provide higher call quality.

See how the ComFi competes with other phone cards companies:

So if you choose ComFi's phone cards properly you'll have no complaint to make. My articles must help you:, Corp. is a leading Internet communication company based in Boston, Massachusetts. There are offices in the USA and Europe. The business was established in 1996.

The company has partnered with the premium telecommunication carriers.

The company has built several online malls and stores and developed several innovative online products. incorporates the most efficient and advanced technologies that the company has developed over the years.

Users can take advantage of the "Plug and Save" service that requires easy installation of hardware provided by ComFi. No computer or software is needed for this plan, which allows unlimited calls to the US, Canada, and many other countries.

ComFi offers a conference call service that is available through an 800 number with no hardware or software to purchase.

The best results with ComFi's PC-to-Phone service are obtained with upstream and downstream bandwidths greater than 128 kb/s in both directions. ComFi service will not interfere with your ability to go onto the Internet.

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