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Continental Phone Card Review

Continental phone card from Comfi

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Continental card

Recharge Option Yes
Pinless Calling Yes
Rounding 3 min
Connection Fee No
Maintenance Fee No
Expiration 6 months
Payphone Surcharge 99 ¢ per call
Local Access Yes
Toll-Free Access Yes

  • The Continental is in the Top 3 calling cards from Comfi
  • Recharge Option - add minutes to your phone card in seconds without purchasing a new PIN
  • PINless Calling - skip PIN entry when dialing
  • Speed Dial - dial with one button click
  • Online Call History Access
  • Prepaid VoIP(SIP) - works with any SIP equipment or hardware
  • PC-to-Phone Service - works with any SIP softphone
  • Web-Call Service - rates are better than regular calling cards
  • SMS-Call Service - extremely low rates
  • SMS-Recharge Service - send SMS and add minutes to your phone card
  • Click-to-Call - the perfect service for the go-anywhere net user!
  • Personal USA Toll-Free Number - redirect 1-800 number to any phone number in the world
  • Prepaid Conferencing Solution - set up conference calls in minutes on the phone and online
  • No maintenance fee, no connection fee
  • Do but see! Just due to this long list of handy features, Continental calling card becomes so especially functional and convenient one for our high-quality life! Where else will you see the similar things?
  • Consumers like Continental phone card. According to affiliates' reports, the amount of Continental cards sold comes up to 75% of the total sales in separate months.
    Many things are sold, the best of them are bought up.
  • One of the users was recharging this card 14 times ! for a month. He spent $117. If you'll call, let's say, from the USA to Canada with the Continental calling card at $100, you can talk for almost 3,500 minutes or more than 58 hours unbrokenly!
  • I don't know about you, but I sometimes wonder how long some people can talk by phone. Although, if to think well, why not, especially when this is so cheap.
  • Review by gasyoun: "There is ComFi which is 3 times cheaper than Skype. So I tried the Continental card. The quality sometimes is as bad as VoIP, but I mean I prefer to pay to talk for hours and if I hear 1 echo once per weak it is ok with me. At least there are no additional surcharges".
  • Continental Access Numbers:
    US/Canada/Puerto-Rico/Guam/Saipan : 1-800-209-4537.
    US Local Access Numbers
    Global Local Access Numbers
    Call USA Toll-Free Numbers From Overseas

Calling Instructions
for Continental Card

  1. Dial access number and wait for a prompt.
  2. Enter your PIN number and wait for a prompt.
  3. Dial your destination number and press the pound (#) key for better connection.
    For calls to/within the USA and Canada, press: 1 + (area code) + (phone number) + #.
    For international calls, press: 011 + (country code) + (area code) + (phone number) + #.
  4. If no connection is established within 20 seconds, hang up and try again.
  5. If no connection is established within 40 seconds, call to customer service.
Put these Instructions in practice again and again in order to say yourself in joyful raptures every time: "I'm free in reality, not in a dream!"

Learn the rates for Continental card
and other phone cards from Comfi:

Continental Phone Card Review

Calling cards prepaid online

ComFi is a recognized leader in online telecom and long distance calling services.

Permanent rate-sliding: only for the last two years, the rates on calls with prepaid phone cards reduced on 70 % for some destinations.

Automatic recharge PIN
PINless calling
Speed dial
Online Call History
No connection fee!
Often no maintenance fee!

The calling card purchasing process is very simple and allows customers to receive the telephone services instantly. It can take less than a minute.

Full multi-currency support.

Discounts-and-savings system.

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