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ECI INC Phone Cards

1. Calling cards have the lowest rates, 3-minutes rounding, and maintenance fees

Asia Express calling card is an especially cheap one to call to Asia. The fewer weeks you consume this kind of calling cards the less amount of the maintenance fee will be taken from your balance. Then you will save even more. View Asia Express phone card review in detail here.

Centsible calling card. Its extremely low cost especially attracts users' attention during our financial crisis. It's a truly centsible card. To save more money, since rounding is 3 minutes, keep the duration of your phone talks as multiple 3, i.e. about 3, 6, 9, etc minutes. View Centsible phone card review in detail here.

Eurotel calling card has low rates too. More over, this phone card is eurotelligible, to a certain degree. Many people love this. View Eurotel phone card review in detail here.

Global Connect calling card is a good card both in the global scale and in the local point you want to connect. View Global Connect phone card review in detail here.

Talk USA calling card gave a good account of itself too, especially among lovers of long talks by phone. View Talk USA phone card review in detail here.

2. Calling cards have 1-minute rounding
and no maintenance fees

Clear Choice calling card. Use it if you make phone calls just once in a while or if you do not like any maintenance fee. Also, one-minute rounding provided by the Clear Choice is the most organic and available for calling cards consumers. It's a standard.
View Clear Choice phone card review in detail here.

You can use the same calling instructions for every ECI Inc phone card:

  1. Dial access number, wait for a prompt.
  2. After the prompt, enter your PIN number.
  3. Dial your destination number:
    For call within or to USA, Canada or Caribbean: 1 + (area code) + (phone number).
    For international call: 011 + (country code) + (city code) + (phone number).
  4. To place another call, do not hang up. Press pound key (#) for 2 seconds, then repeat step 3.

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