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Phone Card Glossary

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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol, also called IP Telephony or Internet telephony) "is the routing of voice conversations over the Internet or through any other IP-based network" (Wikipedia).

Permanent PIN (refillable/rechargeable PIN). Each time when you add money to your prepaid calling card you recharge (refill) the same PIN.

PINless calling. This is a service when you can register your phone number online and then a system will recognize this number without calling PIN code.
You can register up to 6 - 10 phone numbers. You can add/remove phone numbers to/from your account as many times as you would like at no extra charge.

Monthly charge. A periodic charge imposed by phone cards and might happen if there is a residual value left on your card at the end of the period. It can be monthly, semi-monthly or weekly, starting from the day you first use your card.

Maintenance fee. It is charged to maintain services for some prepaid calling cards. You can request call history records from card's customer service: calling dates, from-to, duration, and charges. The maintenance fee will be taken from your card every one or two weeks/months (depends on the card) since you made a first call and as long as there are still minutes available on your card or until the end of validity period, which ever comes first.

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Connection fee (access fee). It is charged anytime there is a connection.
It doesn't matter an answering machine gives a reply or the call is routed to a voice mailbox or the customer has not really uttered even a single word. But there is no connection fee charged if there is no answer. This fee ranges from $0.50 to $2.25.

Service fee (usage fee, tax). This fraction of each call's cost is deducted after hanging up.

Long talking fee. It is charged if the phone call goes beyond a specified duration. This duration is usually around 20 minutes.

The validity period (expiration date). Prepaid phone card should be used within this period of first use.

Rounding period (minutes rounding, billing increment). This is the basic unit for measuring the duration of a phone call. For example, your call time is 10 minutes and 45 seconds: if rounding is 1 min, your call time will be rounded up to 11 minutes; if rounding is 3 min, your call time will be rounded up to 12.

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