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Pingo Calling Cards Review

Pingo provides users of international prepaid calling cards a superior calling card experience, including quality, convenience, and customer service at aggressively competitive rates. With Pingo, you can see what they charge before it happens.

Pingo is the calling card subsidiary of iBasis, a leading international wholesale carrier. iBasis is one of the largest carriers of international phone calls in the world. They have been carrying international phone calls for many of the world's largest phone companies. iBasis customers include well-known industry leaders like AT&T, MCI, and Verizon in the U.S., as well as major overseas carriers like China Unicom, China Mobile, COLT, Telefonica, Intelig, Telia-Sonera, T-Systems, and many others.

However, let's review their calling cards prepaid online. Pingo offers high quality, low-cost service to more than 200 countries. Their service is used in 35 countries. Customers can share their Pingo account with friends and family in those countries.

Unlike other companies reselling phone cards for other companies, Pingo sells its own calling cards. Pingo offers a single integrated calling plan with competitive low rates on all calling routes. This compares with many calling cards that offer low rates on a few routes, but much higher rates on others. If you make calls to several different destinations, this can be a huge benefit.

Many different types of fees are usually the charge calling cards prepaid online. But Pingo does charge just a minimal 98 cents USD per month account maintenance fee.

Moreover, you will get:
  • Convenient automatic recharge
  • $5 Refer-A-Friend bonus
  • Online calling card history reporting.
You can set your own account number and choose your own PIN, so both are easy to remember.

You can know an effective per-minute rate and the real amount of phone call minutes you get with a Pingo's calling card here.

See how the Pingo competes with other cheap phone cards: With Reverse Phone Lookup Detective, you can trace any phone number.

How does it work

  1. Create a unique account number - any 10-digit number you choose will do, but most people find their home phone number to be the easiest to remember.
  2. Create your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). This is your secret number that gives only you access to your Pingo phone card account.
  3. Enter up to 10 personal PINless phone numbers - your home phone, office phone, mobile phone - whatever phones you frequently use. When you call from these numbers, Pingo will recognize you, and you will not be required to enter a PIN to make a call.
  4. Enter your billing information; this is your address as it appears in your credit card account.
  5. Get $5 of free calling just for signing up-and start calling.

Pingo calling instructions

  1. Dial your local or toll-free access number (you can find the link to access numbers on the Rates page). Pingo provides a convenient toll-free access number (1-888-YO-PINGO).
  2. At the voice prompt, enter your Account number and PIN (if you are not using one of your PINless phones).
  3. Dial the number you want to call; for all other calls, including domestic and international long distance, dial the destination country code and number, followed by the # key.
    For example, if you are making a domestic USA call, just dial: 1 + area code + number, followed by the # key.
    When calling from your mobile phone, do not hit "Send" after dialing the number you're trying to call.
  4. If you make a mistake while dialing, just press the * key to start over.
  5. To place another call simply hold down the # key for two seconds and dial the new number you'd like to call, followed by the # key -- there's no need to re-enter your account number or PIN.

So Talk When You Want for as Long as You Want
with Pingo's Reliable International Calling Cards!

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