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Prepaid Calling Cards
with Maintenance Fee:
Estimate More Exactly

Everything is known through comparison. Many web sites call you to compare calling cards and rates. We just offer you a simple tool for this.

Prepaid phone cards with a maintenance fee have usually the lowest rates. For saving money, use these cards not longer than 3 - 12 weeks. This is a benefit period. The lowest rates benefit is saved in this interval of time. Learn the matter in detail on Calling Cards with Maintenance Fee: Merits and Demerits.

We call you to estimate the benefit period exactly. Estimating is conducted by comparison with any good alternative calling card you like. Choose an alternative card you would prefer in another case.

An alternative phone card must be without maintenance fee. Compared cards' rates must be for the same destination; prices must be equal. You can repeat the test with other alternative cards.

Compare as many prepaid calling cards as possible, both used now and looked ones for, with a maintenance fee and without it. The more cards you take, the more exact the result is, and the surer you are.

If you get an odd result, for example, a negative number, make sure you've entered initial data correctly. If so, then the calling card estimated is probably worse than an alternative one.

For example, you have in view two prepaid phone cards:

   Card 1 Card 2
Price, $ 20 20
Maintenance fee, ¢/week 69 no
Rate, ¢/min 4.5 5.1

Enter these figures into the form below and click on 'Estimate'. You'll get a result: the benefit period is 3 weeks. It means that if you intend to use your calling card no longer than 3 weeks then take the Card 1. Otherwise, take the Card 2 or view other variants.

Phone card with maintenance fee
you want to estimate

Price $
Rate ¢/min

Alternative calling card
without maintenance fee

Rate ¢/min

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