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The largest online distributor of prepaid calling cards has been in the business since the birth of the prepaid calling card in the USA (i.e. longer than 10 years).

The domain name says that the company was the first who had occupied this niche of business.

More than 15.4 million cards sold. What stunning amount!!!

Rechargeable Plans
No Connection Fee!

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for example.

With communication facilities located all around the world, the company is able to provide exceptional long distance service at a fraction of the cost.

100% Guarantee on all cards.

Follow along the tried way. >>>


Prepaid Calling Cards
with Connection Fee:
Estimate More Exactly

In reply to your request through calling card search box, a seller offers you, as a rule, a few cards for given destination and information on each card: nominal prices, rates, options, extra fees, etc.

Pay attention to that sometimes the prepaid phone cards with connection fee have the lowest rates. Learn the matter in detail on Calling Cards with Connection Fee - Use with Mind and Benefit.If you decide to use this card, first of all, estimate it.

All you need is to estimate two values:
  1. Maximally admissible number of phone calls. In case of exceeding this number, the calling card loses its lowest rate advantage.
  2. Average duration of a phone talk.
Value #2 is critical. If it is within the reasonable limits and satisfies you, then the card with connection fee is good. If phone talk's average duration is 150 minutes, for example, then reject this phone card and view other variants. You can be guided by value #1 when using the chosen card with the largest advantage.

For comparative estimation, you can take any alternative prepaid calling card you like, but with no connection fee. Compared cards' rates must be for the same destination; prices must be equal. You can repeat the test with other alternative cards.

Compare as many phone cards as possible. The more cards you take, the more exact result is, and the surer you are.

Enter required figures into the form below and click on 'Estimate'.

Phone card with connection fee
you want to estimate

Price $
Rate ¢/min
Connection fee ¢

Alternative calling card
with no connection fee

Rate ¢/min


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