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Track Cell Phone
with GPS for Free

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What advantages and benefits do you get with GPS?

True, there are many advantages and benefits of GPS cell phone tracking. Installing this option on your mobile phone allows you to know any time where you are and others can see you too. GPS on your mobile phone is a great idea in case you'll lose it or it will get stolen. You can track it down and resolve two things at once. Also, parents can use them to monitor their children; friends use them to keep up with one another's hangouts. All these are free.

And there are many other uses, including yet-unimagined ones. Just note one thing - your mobile device must be GPS-enabled.

How does GPS tracking work?

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Here are typical actions. You create a free account, on InstaMapper for instance. Registration takes only a minute or two. They ask for is usually a username, password, and email address. Next, you install a small application on your GPS-enabled cell phone. When you run the application, it periodically sends your GPS coordinates to provider's servers.

Login to your account and you will see the current location of your phone plotted on an interactive Google map. The map updates automatically every few seconds. While you even sleep, up to 100 positions can be recorded in phone's memory so that your GPS track goes and goes on.

You can even use the free Google Maps API along with provider's data to create a custom map on your own web site that updates in real time. So your free GPS tracing will be performed in an almost full volume.

You can track the approximate route the target phone has taken from here to there. Thus, you will know where it has been to before it got to its final target.

Is free mobile phone GPS tracking software going to do the job as well as a paid software? There are many types of free GPS software on the Internet. But a free service will always be a free service.

Most free GPS cell phone tracking is done through cellular tower triangulation which is not truly GPS and is very inaccurate. Cellular tower triangulation can only achieve accuracy within 1,000-5,000 meters. That is up to 1/2-mile radius.

Read of the most popular free mobile phone GPS trackers:

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