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Get to Know the Real Phone Call Minutes before Buying a Calling Card

The real amount of phone call minutes you get with a calling card is not always equal with advertised one. It's usually fewer.

After days of searching and viewing calling cards, you at last discover the perfect card that has everything you want. You intend to quickly purchase the welcome find in order to enjoy its remarkable features instantly. But don't hurry!

The real amount of phone call minutes reduced as compared to advertised one is not the kind of surprise you want after purchasing. So be patient.

At first, let's define something. The amount of available calling card minutes is a calculated value. It depends on per-minute rates and fees, which are features of the given phone card. If one of these components is counted out then calculated minutes are not real.

All is simple with counting the rates in, as it will be shown later.

But there is difficulty with fees. They will be charged differently that depends on how you will call with your phone card: long or short, often or seldom, etc. Calling card companies are unable to take these nuances into account. That's why they do not calculate the real calling card minutes at all.

Instead, they show so-named "advertised minutes" calculated simply by dividing a card price in a rate. Of course, those "minutes" are strongly increased as compared to the real ones.

But stop! Let's do without compromising hard-earned trust and credibility. If a calling card company shows all fees fairly, if there are no hidden fees then OK. That company is trustworthy. Let's consider it is simply unable to present real figures, it is not guilty. And let's finish with this.

Well, and we'll take its calling card's data, combine them with our requests, and calculate our real phone call minutes meekly, cursing quietly to ourselves. A company is unable to do this job by reason above. As well as it has no such tool as the Calling Card Minutes Calculator.

Only this tool is able to take into account your individual manner of calling that works on the total amount of available minutes.

So you do the following steps to your purpose:

  1. You load required data into the Calculator.
  2. It returns you the result, in which your individuality is taken into account.
  3. You decide that result satisfies you.
  4. You place an order and get the long wished for service that will make you happy.

That is how to avoid the unpleasant surprise related to the real/advertised calling card minutes. And that is how you'll find yourself among lucky card holders who enjoy cheap communication with loved, family, friends, and business partners on other points of the world.

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