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Prepaid Calling Card Market:
Remembrance About Outlook

Some years ago, the PELORUS Group reported about sales increase at prepaid calling card market between 1995 and 2000 from $750 million to over $3.3 billion. Both domestic and international parts of the market rose in those years simultaneously.

The sudden hasty growth of the prepaid calling cards at the telecom market appeared due to convenience, which they gave to users. They will not have to carry coins to use a pay phone - it's enough to insert a prepaid calling card. Another reason for the rapid growth of the prepaid calling cards popularity was a consumer saw in them a facility to regulate calling time in order to save a lot of cash on a hand. Since the people got an ability to confront a number of calls and the monetary value of the card, the worry of a phone bill was discharged. Other also did not need to have a good credit history to receive that service.

However, between 2001 and 2002, sales of the domestic prepaid calling cards in North America went down. At that time, the international calling cards continued to grow. The total volume of the market made about $3.2 billion.

At last years, the calling cards rates strongly dropped. That occurs not only from intensive competition among the sellers but also from increasing competition with other sectors of telecommunication industry, such as VOIP. It is accepted on hurrah by users - calling time grew considerably! As a result, high profits even that in some sectors of the market, such as domestic calling, the volume of services went down.

In that report, the gradual decline was predicted in the domestic calling cards profits, beginning from 2003 up to 2008. Vice versa, for the international calling cards, the profits were confidently foreseen almost on 33%, to $2.75 billion in 2008. The international cards market will exceed twice the domestic cards market.

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