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5 Points Where You Can Buy
an International Calling Card

You often ask where you can buy an international calling card. Obviously, you have difficulty with this.

In fact, buying the right calling card is not very easy. This is demonstrated by a lot of users' complaints.

This article provides 5 tips that will make your task a little easier. You should know the right places.

1. Buy calling cards online - not in a retail store

The first point where you can buy an international calling card is the Internet. It's better to do this online because the phone card calls themselves are made through the Internet. This is an internet telephony.

And more reasons:
  1. Easier to compare calling card prices and features
  2. Easier to identify and compare sellers online
  3. Easier to verify seller credentials and reputation
  4. Easier to set up and manage features like recharge option
  5. Cheaper because they sale with discounts

2. Avoid hidden fees

You want the point where phone cards have no hidden fees. You can buy an international calling card from a seller that provides an organized and complete listing of all possible fees.

The most common fees are:
  • Connection fee
  • Maintenance fee
  • Payphone surcharge
  • Service fee (or tax)
  • Toll-free access surcharge
If this list of fees is shown then the seller is trustworthy. Every calling card has usually not all these fees, but some of them.

3. Buy phone cards with advanced dialing and billing features

You want the point where phone cards have the wide list of important features allowing you to place calls and manage your account more easily:
  • PIN-less dialing
  • Speed dial
  • Worldwide access numbers
  • Call history
  • Recharge option
  • Expiration date
  • Auto-recharge
  • Balance transfer
  • Different prompt languages
It isn't necessary that every card has all the features. But if a company provides them - it is enough for confidence.

4. Customer service

You want the point where a calling card company provides a developed and accessible customer service with e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. There you can receive a quick help on any problem and an answer to any question regarding your calling card.

This service should be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to entertain the calls from customers. Such points are truly available to be considered for buying phone cards.

5. Overrating minutes

Maybe you would like to find the point where the advertised phone call minutes are equal the real ones you could get with your calling card. You may not look for such place. Don't waste efforts. All the same you'll never find it. That's because the advertised minutes are always the overrated minutes.

For details read the article What Is Minute Overrating.

I know 5 points answering the requirements discussed above and where you can buy a good calling card. These are:

Many people have already found the best calling cards. They are using them again and again. Follow them.

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