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About Prepaid International
Calling Cards Briefly

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Phone card, calling card, cell phone card, etc. Every one of these terms applies to the same thing - prepaid long distance service from telecom companies. The cards work on the IP-telephony basis. All these include PINless calling cards too.

A calling card prepaid online is just a service provided through the Internet, without dealing with the card as a physical body. Each individual card has an own sonorous remembered name, for example, Golden Lotus or Sonico Green... Each card has an own complex of features, including rates, fees, validity period, rounding, etc.

An array of prepaid evocalling cards is dazzling. You can see some examples of them below. Admire their design. You can view phone card classification too. Benefits of phone cards prepaid online:

- Calls through any phone, including cellular, home, office, dorm and payphone.

- Calling you need wherever you are.

- PINless calling - skip entering your PIN number when making calls (only in USA and Canada).

- Recharging in seconds. You can recharge your account in seconds or enable automatic recharging, and always you have minutes available.

- Control over expenses. You can gain the control to customize your billing increments using the automatic recharge option.

- 24/7 Customer Service.

Learn also what calling cards cannot do.

PINless calling is a service when you can register your phone number online and then system will recognize this number without PIN code when you make a call. You can register up to 6 - 10 phone numbers. You can add/remove phone numbers to/from your account as many times as you would like at no extra fee.

PC to Phone is a service when you can place local and long distance calls from your computer to any phone in the world for very low rates. So you can save up to 98% on long distance calls (details).

There are also Web-Call and SMS-Call services based on evocalling cards. Here are extremely low rates as well.
Web-Call connects two phones anywhere in the world. You enter your phone number, a destination number and click Call. Your phone will ring in a few seconds, announcing about connection setting.
SMS-Call -- you register your cell phone number and send SMS message from your cell phone. A system recognizes you and establishes a connection.

History of a prepaid phone card has begun from the vandalism of payphones, which was caused by a shortage of coins in Italy in 1975. The first magnetic strip phone card was made so people wouldn't need to use coins to make a call. A computer chip was inserted into the card in France in 1984. The first chip-based prepaid card appeared in the USA in 1995. The first cell phone card was introduced in 2001. Now the cards for IP-telephony are in enormous demand all over the world.

Prepaid calling cards sales:
  • 1993 - over $25 million
  • 1994 - over $250 million
  • 1995 - $750 million
  • 1996 - $1 billion
  • 1997 - over $2 billion
  • 2000 - $3.3 billion
  • 2002 - $3.2 billion.
IP-telephony is a modern technology (when a sound or a fax message is sent as digital information in real time) providing the alternative method of phone call connection by the net on low rates (details).

This kind of service is getting more and more popular because the rates are decreasing faster in this area than in a post billed phone call service. International calling cards prepaid online, are extremely popular with college students, truck drivers, travelers and international visitors.

How does it work:

  1. Choose a calling card online.
  2. Sign up using a secure registration form and pay with your credit/debit cards securely online.
  3. Receive calling PIN & instructions to the screen and a copy to your e-mail address and start talking instantly (details). Use a PINless option as possible.
Thus, when you buy a card online, you get no thing sensible by hands, but a possibility to make calls. You are paying for connection time in advance. Since the process completes very quickly, you can start making your calls instantly.

If you call from a payphone, surcharges will apply by the company owned public phone service.
Calls made from or to cell phones are priced at higher rates due to the extra information technology involved in completing the connection.

The validity period is some months. A prepaid phone card should be used within this period after the first call. Besides that some cards should be used within 90 days after purchase. Permanent calling PIN card has a recharge option. Its validity period is unlimited, but a rechargeable card expires if no recharge within some months (usually 9-10).

Rounding varies from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. This is the basic unit for measuring the duration of a phone call. For example, your phone call time is 10 minutes and 45 seconds:
- if rounding is 1 min, your call time will be rounded up to 11 minutes,
- if rounding is 3 min, your call time will be rounded up to 12 minutes.
Thus the larger a rounding period is, the more money you lose.

Learn how to avoid the unpleasant surprise related to the real/advertised calling card minutes.

Distributors guarantee customer's personal information and credit card safety. Every transaction you make on their web sites is 100% safe due to advanced encryption and firewall technology.

Some companies use discounts-and-savings systems. Depending on your invoice total amount ($15 and more) you get a credit 4-7% to your savings account. You can use earned credit to buy calling cards. Minimum purchase is usually $10. To earn more savings keep buying phone cards on their web sites. You can include several cards within one invoice, so you receive higher percent on your credit. When you will accumulate $10.00+ you'll be able to buy a new card.

As said above, an array of phone cards is dazzling. Don't be daunted, though. You can always go back later and review order to keep or remove it as needed. In the last case, your money will be back you if your call time is left.

For selecting and ordering calling cards online, you can confidently go to one of these tried companies:

The best and cheapest phone cards for separate destination:

Learn about calling card rates for your destination:

Phone card

That's it. With any luck, you've now got a phone card functioning.
Don't forget to check the FAQs and calling instructions if you get stuck.

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