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Calling Cards with Connection Fee -
Use with Mind and Benefit

You decided to purchase a phone card on-line. You make a suitable request through a calling card search box on a tried web site. In reply, a seller offers you, as a rule, a few cards for given destination and information on each card, including nominal prices, rates, options, extra fees, etc. Among of cards offered there are ones with a connection fee.

This kind of extra fees is charged anytime there is a connection. It doesn't matter an answering machine gives a reply or the call is routed to a voice mailbox or the customer has not really uttered even a single word. But there is no connection fee charged if there is no answer.

Connection fee ranges from $0.50 to $2.25. It is unknown what services the fee is charged for. Yes, of course. We have that phobia - "calling cards with connection fee". It arouses a desire to reject this product of telecom industry immediately. But don't hurry to do it.

Pay attention to that sometimes prepaid calling cards with connection fee have the lowest rates. Everything is simple. The demerit "connection fee" is compensated by the merit "low rates". On the rest features, the given calling card with connection fee may be better than other cards. Your task is to estimate how beneficial that compensation is. You can do it on a basis of info given by a seller.

All you need is to estimate two values:

  1. A - maximally admissible number of phone calls. In case of exceeding this number, the prepaid calling card loses its lowest rate advantage.
  2. B - the average duration of a phone talk.

Thus, in order to use the lowest rate advantage fully, you must make A phone calls, which will have duration B minutes on an average.

Value B is critical. If it is within the reasonable limits and satisfies you, then the card with connection fee is good. If a phone talk's average duration is 150 minutes, for example, then reject this card and view other variants. You can be guided by value A to use the chosen card with the largest advantage.

Note: the average duration of a phone talk does not depend on a nominal price of a card, and the number of phone calls depends on. It means that the price does not influence on the estimation result.

If you have difficulty to carry out estimation by yourself, use our special tool.

Yes, of course. We have that phobia - "calling cards with connection fee". But possibly you already a little changed the point of view? If no, we have to devise something else.

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