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Champion Phone Card Review

20% of all sales -- Champion calling cards!

Champion phone card from Comfi
Recharge Option Yes
Pinless Calling Yes
Rounding 1 min
Connection Fee No
Maintenance Fee No
Expiration 10 months
Payphone Surcharge 99 ¢ per call
Local Access Numbers Yes
Toll-Free Access Numbers Yes

  • Recharge Option - add minutes to your card in seconds without purchasing a new PIN (new card).
  • Pinless Calling - skip PIN entry when dialing. Register your phone number with the card and it is recognized automatically after dialing the access number. You don't need to enter a hard-to-remember PIN! Register up to 10 different phone numbers to one account.
  • No maintenance fee, no connection fee
  • Consumers like Champion card. According to affiliates' reports, the amount of Champion cards sold comes up to 20% of the total sales in separate months.
  • Champion Access Numbers:
    Toll-free access number: 1-866-466-7193
    US Local Access Numbers

>>> Use the Access as wide as possible

Calling Instructions
for Champion Card

  Calling from your registered phone:
  1. Dial access number and wait for a prompt.
  2. Dial your destination number.
  Calling from any other phone:
  1. Dial access number and wait for a prompt.
  2. Enter your PIN number and wait for a prompt.
  3. Dial your destination number.
  • For calls to/within the USA and Canada, press: 1 + (area code) + (phone number).
  • For international calls, press: 011 + (country code) + (area code) + (phone number).
  • If you don't hear a prompt, please hang up and check you are dialing according to the instructions.
  • If no connection is established within 20 seconds, hang up and try again.

>>> Put these Instructions in practice again and again

Know the rates for Champion card
and other cards from Comfi

Champion Phone Card Review. Comfi Calling Cards Review. Calling Card No Connection Fee, No Maintenance Fee

Calling cards prepaid online
from —

ComFi is a recognized leader in online telecom and long distance calling services.

Permanent rate-sliding: only for the last two years, the rates on calls with prepaid phone cards reduced on 70 % for some destinations.

Automatic recharge PIN
PINless calling
Speed dial
Online Call History
No connection fee!
Often no maintenance fee!

The calling card purchasing process is very simple and allows customers to receive the telephone services instantly. It can take less than a minute.

Full multi-currency support.

Discounts-and-savings system.

ComFi >>>

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