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Consumers' Phone Card Ratings

Consumers' ratings are changed monthly, depending on clickability and the number of the sells of one calling card or another. All the phone cards of our ratings are good. They are simply disposed in accordance with a determined order you can pay no attention to.

Pingo calling card is in the first place within the Evocall-field ratings. It provides high quality, low-cost service to more than 200 countries. You will get convenient automatic recharge, $5 refer-a-friend bonus, and online calling card history reporting. A maintenance fee is taken only once a month. View Pingo phone cards review in detail here.

AT&T calling card is in the second place. But this excellent card is truly a standard in the world of phone cards. I still feel the tremor before this respectable lady. View AT&T phone card review in detail here.

Jupiter calling card is in the third place. This rechargeable phone card provided by ECC carrier has low calling rates to many countries and high connection quality. Callers receive a 10% discount if they call between 9 PM and 7 AM EST. The card has many local access numbers so most people will not need the toll-free number. View Jupiter phone card review in detail here.

Solaris calling card from NTC provider is in the fourth place. This is truly a premium international phone card that can be used to make low-cost calls from 97 countries. It has local access numbers in 40 countries (including the USA) and toll-free access numbers in 97 countries. View Solaris phone card review in detail here.

Continental calling card is lying fifth. NW-IP carrier provides it. This is a pretty unusual calling card offering you a long list of handy features such as VoIP, Web callback, SMS refill, Personal USA Toll Free Number and more other for convenient phone calls with low cost. View Continental phone card review in detail here.

Lucky Minutes calling card - another cheap card from NTC provider is in the sixth place within these ratings. It has the lowest per-minute rates and a connection fee of 18 cents, unfortunately. But many users prefer this phone card because of its high-quality connections. View Lucky Minutes phone card review in detail here.

Bizon calling card from NTC provider is in the honorable seventh place. Here are many telecom conveniences such as permanent PIN option, PINless option, and without connection and maintenance fees. You can make phone calls from the USA, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, UK and many other European countries. View Bizon phone card review in detail here.

Centsible calling card from ECI INC provider is in the eighth place. Consumers have paid attention to this card long ago due to its low cost. View Centsible phone card review in detail here.

Clear Choice calling card from ECI INC provider is in the modest ninth place of the same ratings. This card has no connection and maintenance fees. Also, it provides normal one-minute rounding that is the most organic and available for calling cards consumers. View Clear Choice phone card review in detail here.

Cardinal calling card from ACC provider is in the tenth place. This is a card with absolutely no hidden fees. Whereas using the toll-free access costs 2 cents per minute more than local access. This is a maximal value among phone cards. View Cardinal phone card review in detail.

So don't stray from the road with the Evocalland's ratings now.

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